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The U.S. Air Force introduces a new stealth bomber

By 2037, the number of bombers in the US Air Force has dropped below the minimum requirement of 170.* This is due to a combination of attrition, changes in operating procedures and decommissioning of older aircraft.

The B-52 has now been in service for 85 years – an unprecedented length of time for a military vehicle. The last of these planes will finally be retired soon. A next generation bomber, intended to serve as a stop-gap until more advanced designs were available, was introduced from 2018.* This is now being replaced by a new military aircraft known by the codename of "2037 Bomber".*

The new bomber is the most advanced aircraft to ever fly. It has unparalleled stealth capabilities, a range that enables it to strike targets almost anywhere in the world, and a payload which includes nuclear capability.

It is "manned optional", with most missions being remote-controlled, or even entirely automated. It is used in a number of resource wars during this time – giving the US an impressive tactical edge on the battlefield.

2037 bomber



Quantum computers are widely available

Most government agencies, universities and research institutes now have access to this revolutionary technology, which offers spectacular computing speed and power on a completely different scale to anything used before. These machines work by making direct use of quantum mechanical phenomena, such as superposition and entanglement, to perform operations on data. In addition to being trillions of times faster than earlier computers, they can be made absolutely secure, too. The machines' encryption techniques are virtually unbreakable, due to the almost unimaginable number of instructions being executed simultaneously.


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